Wed, 01 Sep 2004 16:02:53 GMT

Hello Kitty Guitar.

phello_guitarset3.jpg imageAlthough this Hello Kitty guitar is about four times the price of what I'd actually want to pay for it… hey, Hello Kitty guitar! The Fernandez-made electric has a built-in speaker and amplifier so you can plug a headphone right in and start writing your ode to ultimate adorability. And while the polka dot version is shown here, there is apparently a matching sparkly pink version the guy selling these can get a hold of. Now we're talking something worth $400.

What acolyte of rock wouldn't be proud to walk through a smokey club with a matching pink gig bag? None I would prefer to rock to, that's for sure.

Read – Hello Kitty Electric Guitar – RARE!! [Hunkabutta]



not as good as the hello kitty vibrator, which isn't very rare, but funny nonetheless..