Wed, 01 Sep 2004 16:00:58 GMT

Last post on Drupal.. I'm going back to moveabletype. I've used wordpress and drupal all summer, with scant success. Not that they don't work, and work well enough, but they just don't improve the experience to a sufficiently meaningful extent, for my liking. The moveabletype community is more developed,

I disagree -jeremy

I find it easier to modify it, and add/remove bits, and when it comes to setting up other people online, MT is still what I fall back to.

this is really about jason and tool favoritism, mmmm hmmmm

It is all about experimentation and learning. Can't stick with the same thing forever, but when you find something that works, go back to it for your gruntwork. And off I go. [Team Polysynchronous – Just Differently Intelligent – – Just Differently Intelligent –]

drupal is way better, wp is a fallback for those that can't use drupal. jason thinks that drupal management is not broke, but baroque, which it might be. but once you get the hang of it, it is easy. but then again if what you are trying to do is blog very simply, then perhaps mt is what you need, but i doubt it. i use radio, cause i like the aggregator, other people use other things. jason like mt, so he should use mt.