Fri, 04 Jun 2004 16:31:15 GMT

Ted Koppel Predicts US Will Be Under Martial Law. Over at the Poynter Foundation, they have the transcribed text of Ted Koppel’s address to UC Berkeley grads (you have to page down a bit to get to it). It is riveting, especially this part, in which Koppel predicts the US will be hit with a WMD terrorist attack “in the next few years” which will “more than likely” lead to the imposition of martial law. Koppel warns, “For how long and under what circumstances it would be lifted again has not, to the best of my knowledge, ever been publicly addressed” and he calls for an urgent debate about “What we will do after the next terrorist attack”. [Note: The Poynter web site seems to be set up to redirect internal links to Romenesko’s Misc. Forum to their front page. If this happens to you, to find the Koppel speech, click here; you’ll still have to page down to find it, but (for now at least) that’s the right page. Or you can just read the extended quote below.]… []


I tend to agree with Ted Koppel on this one. I think the u.s. government is still working in the control by fear mode, they will only extend that in the future.