Thu, 03 Jun 2004 16:44:57 GMT

old ipod is dying.

so i used my $100.00 discount to buy a new 15gb one, it will be here tomorrow. weee!

i must say, this original ipod, a 5gb, that came free with a server, is quite nice, and it lasted a long time. it still sort of works, but two times in the last month it has just stopped and required a complete reload to get it going, oh and once it has to be hit to get going…. so really, it had to be replaced. i didn't need a dock or any of that crap, and i don't need a whole lot of space, all my music fits in 25gb, but… i don't listen to all of it on any given day. all i need is my playlists. which all in all are about 10g, which i had paired down to fit on my 5g ipod. the extra space will be nice.