Tue, 04 May 2004 15:50:12 GMT

Defense Of Marriage.

An interesting side note to the introduction of state sanctioned same sex marriages in Massachusetts is that many companies are going to drop domestic partner benefits, since they were created largely for gay couples. It will be interesting to see if there is any backlash to those moves, as retention of same sex domestic partner benefits would extend the “rights” of gay couples beyond those of heterosexual couples. [Ed: Private insurance is not a civil right so I've quoted the word rights to reflect the muddled usage that is sure to ensue]

In theory. this cut in benefits will lead to an increase in the number of gay couples getting married, if only to retain their benefits. Ironically gay couples who forgo marriage may be worse off, from a benefits perspective, than they are now.

By that measure, the application of the new law by private companies will certainly be a “defense of marriage.”



once again 'capitalism' encourages regressive instead of progressive policies. imagine that…. it really isn't capitalism though, it is corporatism and profiteering which isn't really capitalism in terms of free markets, it is very much like an contra-statist communism, where the communal goods are distributed via corporations.