Thu, 22 Apr 2004 21:57:50 GMT

B.D.‰¥ús Leg. I‰¥úm surprised there hasn‰¥út been more buzz about Garry Trudeau having blown off B.D.‰¥ús leg today (but, mercifully, apparently he‰¥ús going to live). It hit me kind of hard; this is the first time that the Iraq war has injured a ‰¥þperson I know‰¥? and I‰¥úve known B.D. for going on thirty years now. I don‰¥út suppose it‰¥úll change the political landscape any, but you have to admire Trudeau for taking this on head-on. Plus, on the upside, he also took B.D.‰¥ús dorky helmet off, and it was getting kind of tired after all these years. [ongoing]


between Doonsberry and Get Fuzzy, two of my favorite cartoons, I'm thinking that more cartoonists need to promote awareness in this arena. Get Fuzzy is especially good, because they ask the question…. Why aren't we Honoring the injured and dead of our country? They deserve it. not just locally, but nationally, they deserve it, but the current administration is against it apparently, as the two people responsible for the flagged coffin's picture yesterday demonstrate. they were fired.