Tue, 16 Dec 2003 15:48:12 GMT

Half the Things That Worry Me Most About WSIS Summarized in Two Paragraphs. Belarus KGB chief: Internet should be brought under control (10/12/2003): KGB should exert control over Internet, because international terrorism and organized crime more and more often use WWW. “We are trying to provide all the possibilities, and legal – fist of all, in order to be able to control Internet, “- said Mr. Leonid Erin, chief of Belarusian KGB.Mr. Erin emphasizes that he understands criticism of this position, especially in connection with human rights violation. But he insists that prior to that are state interests and secret services activities. Note that although the underlying motives may differ substantially, one hopes, the official position as to what should happen is not that different from that of many governments, including several democracies…. [Discourse.net]