Tue, 02 Sep 2003 13:09:09 GMT

got books?. A few years ago I realized something strange and was just recently reminded of it (thanks, K). My parents don't really own any books. Neither does my sister (and brother in-law). I guess I was just used to that growing up. But it's odd. (That's not entirely true, my Dad buys a lot of computer books that he never reads. And my Mom has a small collection of cooking books. But that hardly counts.) Personally, I have too many books…. [Jeremy Zawodny's blog]


ahh yes books are my abrosia, they feed and nourish me in a particular way that satisfies an appetite. I own books, alot of books, and i frequently get more books so that on most topics that interest me, which is quite a few topics, i have quite a few books. I like to think of the interests of a person as interpretable from their book collection.