Wed, 21 May 2003 15:49:38 GMT

Let's Hope This One Goes Somewhere.

Special Interest Group About Library Use of eBooks

“From the announcement, 'The Open eBook Forum (, the trade and standards association for the eBook industry, today announced the creation of a Library Special Interest Group (SIG). The group was formed to enable publishers, eBook resellers, DRM, software and hardware companies to communicate directly with librarians to better appreciate the opportunities and challenges of service for libraries and their patrons. The group meets on a weekly basis via conference calls and maintains communication through an email list. Participation in the group is currently open to the public and further information can be found on the Open eBook Forum (OeBF) website at:' ” [The ResourceShelf]

Don't you think this group needs a blog??

[The Shifted Librarian]

I remember way back when, oh gee prolly 3 years ago now, when i was working on ebook materials and eventually decided that it was going no where more or less, but times change, and this might go somewhere. I'm no longer on the openebook list though:( so i haven't been paying attention.