Wed, 21 May 2003 15:32:11 GMT

Leaving academia. Some alternately wrenching and hopeful but always brilliant writing on leaving academia by Invisible Adjunct and the Happy Tutor (see also comments to this post—he’s just knockin’ ’em outta the park today). While Rana talks about the ludicrous jobhunting assumptions she’s run into. If you’ve been there too, drop by… [Caveat Lector]

hmm, well there is no reason necessarily to stay, but keep in mind, it isn't better outside necessarily, unless you think money makes things better. Most of the work and most workers, people that do things, are not highly prized in this society, we seem to think that only the people that make money off of other people are worth praising, and only the top say 5% of any given profession ever gets any major recognition outside of an occasional raise. In short, the huge middle class, which is growing larger every day, is quite normal, and I don't think that academia is any different. contrarily, it is the academic service class that we should be worried about, the people teaching 4 classes a semester without tenure or hope thereof… if we can stop them from doing that and encourage them to find better employment of their skills, I think it would be a great shock to the system.