Sun, 11 May 2003 16:31:36 GMT

Internet Bookmobile. Jack Schofield writes in The Guardian about Brewster Kahle's heart-enhancing project, the Internet Bookmobile. Each van has a million digitized public domain books. Writes Jack: “It takes about 20 minutes to print out a 300-page Wizard of Oz,” says Kahle, “and if you have four printers, you can produce up to 30 books an hour. And you can do an edition of one, which is interesting. Harvard says it costs $2 to lend a book out, then put it back on the shelf, so it's cheaper to give them away.”… [Joho the Blog]

We've had digital books up at VT for ages, and I guess CDDC has around 5000+, project gutenberg plus a few other minor archives. all of it is fairly interesting in the end, someday i will sit down and see if i can find out which books are most popular in our collections perhaps.