on homesite and keyboards.

Thoughts from my first day of work. 1. I miss my iBook.

2. But I also missed Homesite. For my purposes, BBEdit is usable, but
HomeSite kicks its ass all over the place.

3. Where to start with Outlook. I got so used to the many fantastic features
of Entourage that Outlook (at least the version I'm using here) is almost

4. Why is the CTRL key all the way over there?

5. But damn, this Pentium 4 is fast. The iBook is downr… [kottke.org]

mmmm, homesite, if i was still using windows, i would be using homesite, which i still think is one of the best basic training aids for web systems design and programming. if you think that ctrl key is far, try a SUN keyboard, gack! the transition takes me a second or two every time…. Now my new mac has more keys than my pc keyboards, which is problematic also. why can't everyone just stay with the old ibm mechanical keyboards, nice click, nice feel, all is good.