this could be handy, free learning modules from dept. of energy

This is a reminder that the U.S. Department of Energy Carlsbad Field Office
(DOE/CBFO) makes 31 training/ed material packages available to businesses,
government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, consultants,
students, and citizens at no cost to recipients through a federal knowledge
sharing program:

+ Web user, instructor, general employee, training manager, educational
administrator, and manager training needs evaluation tools

+ Training organization, work obstacle, conduct of operations, proposal, and
HR organization self-evaluation tools
+ Management, TQM, and grantwriting courses
+ Training effectiveness measurement tools
+ Employee performance appraisal and development system
+ Employee and managerial communication surveys
+ 360-degree leadership development needs feedback system

A number of recipients have created web-based training/ed programs and tools
from these materials (see Central Michigan University's Star Program). To
obtain these materials at no cost, complete an online application at the
newly-revised website that we operate for DOE/CBFO:

We will obtain necessary approvals and send to you a username and a
password, allowing you to download the requested material directly from the