Sun, 26 Jan 2003 16:00:46 GMT

Politics and Happiness?.

Two new interesting works with political themes have been released under Creative Commons licenses.

Gritty, A Critique of the Global Good Life, by Michael Wadleigh and Cleo Huggins, is an overview of global economics and politics presented in an easily digestible format. The work offers a thoughtful commentary on politics, the media, and other social issues. Gritty complements its critiques with a wide variety of statistics and graphics that tell a story beyond words.

Your Guide to Modern Living, by Raymond Pirouz, makes the case for a new type of economic system based on abundance rather than scarcity. It asserts that economic progress — more specifically automation — might free people to find richness in life through family, creativity, and spirituality.

Both works are licensed under Creative Commons attribution, noncommercial, no derivative works licenses, so pass them around to friends, put them on your site, and print them out — that's what this is all about.

[Creative Commons: weblog]

nifty, these both look good, now if we could get others to do the same.