Sun, 26 Jan 2003 15:44:03 GMT

Words You Won't Be Hearing. If “democracy” is government by the demos (people) and “aristocracy” is government by the aristos, then what would you call a government formed by the connections among people? That's the question I posed, more or less, to the blogiverse's resident Greek-Latin-Aramaic-French-German-Hebrew scholar, AKMA. He responds bravely to my question: There'd be a form of metechein, so “metechocracy.” Zeugnumi or synzeugnumi mean “join,” or “yoke”; what about “zeugnocracy”? Power to the Zeugnoids! AKMA has posted a sermon he gave on Thursday about The White Guy's Burden. (This doesn't do it justice; you'll have to read it for yourself.)… [Joho the Blog]

It would be Democracy, sorry. Links can't govern, people have to…. However, one translation of demos is Mob, as we get from the head of a mob like group can be called a demogogue. then there is autarchy, or self rule, which may be what you are really looking at in this case, i don't know.