Fri, 24 Jan 2003 17:53:50 GMT

More research questions about blogs.

Olaf Brugman comments to the emergent KM research proposal emergent KM research proposal asking about research of weblogs (bold is mine): 

I hope the research could contribute to:

  • increasing knowledge transparency: I am enthusiast about the blogging phenomenon, with the way it can quickly form communities. However, I also find blogging leads to multiplying search and analysis time. There is so much blogging knowledge (on search, on networking, on technicalties), but a lot of this knowledge is multiplied around many blogs like a spreading virus. I have to go out and look for stuff, and then find many doubles. I think the collective blogging phenomenon isn't understanding the role of collective infrastructures as a katalyst or a complexity filter. BLogknowledge needs to be prefilterd, filtered for doubles, and syndicated to avoid individuals all having to go out to do the same thing.
  • digital divide: blogging favours people who have 1) general web access, 2) to whom access cost are no issue 3) have the time to be online and working on the web constantly. It cuts off others.
  • balance between webpageconversation and real conversation. It just isn't good to turn people in to brains glued to a keyboard. Needs to be balanced with meeting real people.
  • as blogs grow: how to find back and reuse stuff? it is not a replacement for databases and fileshares. but then how is it to be positioned?


all interesting questions, lets circulate them…