Thu, 23 Jan 2003 01:01:03 GMT

The new Alpha EV7 systems look impressive. [Hack the Planet]

mmm, alpha, mmmm, these are great.. much bteer than intel, always have been. what i've always wanted was what i term commodity computers, where things like processors would come in little blocks that one could slid into a slot the size of a hd that would plug into a backplane that would recognize it as a processor of type y, or a drive of type y or an io interface type z. then the backplane would reconfigure its bus to drive that commodity part at its optimum given the rest of the systems. then! , then we'd see how various parts are not equal. now there is a barrier, a barrier of installation between the haves and havenots of the knowledge/comfort sphere. what if, unlike those big green boards, and rises we just had things that looked like drive bays, things would be different and processors like alpha would rule. as would say a bank of 10 486's in the same enclosure, etc.