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Sprout: The Online WYSIWYG Editor for Flash

A new application called Sprout, launching in private beta at DEMO today, promises to make the creation of Flash applets a whole lot easier. [From Sprout: The Online WYSIWYG Editor for Flash] —- sprout i suppose could enable more people to build flash tools….

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Doris Lessing – Nobel Lecture

The storyteller is deep inside every one of us. The story-maker is always with us. Let us suppose our world is ravaged by war, by the horrors that we all of us easily imagine. Let us suppose floods wash through our cities, the seas rise. But the storyteller will be there, for it is our […]

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center for new humanities

— this is an interesting presentation for a center for new humanities at rutgers. I’m not sure that humanities are centered around creativity, but I am sure that i think that they humanities lead the way in terms of the skills that allow creativity and innovation to flourish.

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YouTube – Contest Fiddle Round

YouTube – Contest Fiddle Round: Contest Fiddle Round Ken Knabb sent this great fiddle player video via his list:)

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The Power of YouTube

The Power of YouTube: The family has been watching Emily’s YouTube videos “Code Monkey” and “Don’t Make Me Dance” over and over; she’s terrific, and we’re rooting for her to land a professional gig. We want to see more. —- AKMA shares these wonderfully joyous exhibitions of creativity.

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The Morning News – The All Girls School, by Mara Bodis-Wollner

The Morning News – The All Girls School, by Mara Bodis-Wollner: In Bodis-Wollner’s artist’s statement for her “All Girls School” exhibit (up now at the Jen Bekman gallery), she writes:These photographs stem from my preoccupation with the experience of disappointment amidst celebration. In this series, I focus on issues of trust, intimacy and betrayal in […]

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