Serendipity strikes again

Serendipity strikes again:
A brilliant wee story of serendipity to get you started this morning from one of my favourite eduBuzz blogs at Pencaitland Primary School. A few weeks ago the kids had been blogging about the diving experiment they had been up to in class and this got picked up by a real life diver (and clearly part-time blog-reader). She came in to the school with her diving kit and showed the kids what it was like for real. It’s all been captured in the blog and the brill Bubbleshare photostory below. I’m sure for the kids and teachers that alone is enough motivation to keep blogging about their classroom exploits for the next term, and it’s great to see that the guidelines and positive policy we put together with the help of everyone in the Authority have helped open our classrooms’ walls.


To me, this is how blogs should benefit communities and schools, by bringing people together with similar interests and ideas, to explore and discover the relations amongst people and their interests, both in society and nature.