Donald Vance, American POW.

Donald Vance, American POW.:
The NYT has a remarkable story about a 29-year-old American working for an Iraqi contractor who became an FBI informant against them, only to have the FBI arrest him for working for the company. He was held as a POW (in the same prison holding Saddam Hussein) and abused for 97 days, denied an attorney, denied a phone call for two weeks, and “tried” before a group of military officials whose identities were kept secret. Even after the military admitted that they were holding him without cause it took 18 days to release him. Do you feel any safer now that we allow our government to do this to us?


I do not feel good about this mistreatment of american’s by our military and government. I think this is exemplary of what humans should not do to each other, not just what humans should not do to fellow citizens. Habeus corpus is not just for Americans, it is about the fundamental equality and dignity of the human being. Waldo’s example of the NYT is just evidence of what happens when ‘warfare’ becomes ‘profit’. Those who question the relation of capital to war become enemies. That to me, is wrong.