Human Rights Day (10 December 2006)

Human Rights Day (10 December 2006):
Human Rights Day (10 December 2006)

10 December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights, which has become a universal standard for
defending and promoting human rights. Every year on 10 December, Human
Rights Day marks the adoption of the Universal Declaration. On Human
Rights Day it is celebrated around the globe that “All human beings
are born with equal and inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms”.


keep in mind that i am against the whole ‘negative freedoms’ construction of rights, and the whole ‘natural rights’ construction of rights. i think that rights are conventions, generated by people’s fundamental respect for each other’s equality of autonomy in as much as we desire autonomy and equality ourselves. rights are in short the institutionalization of desires, the institution of the will to protect others, which is the construction that i prefer.