Global Desktop

Global Desktop:

Through the Global Desktop Project, partners will benefit not only from the development of a user-friendly open source desktop, but also from: 

  1. . Significant local expertise in Linux, open source and distributed development methodologies, which will position participating regions as a desirable location for companies moving software development efforts to Asia;
  2. . Integration of distributed development, Linux and related software into the local educational curricula and improved training for students in IT, computer science, engineering and other technical programs;
  3. . A support and information network of IT users in government; enterprise IT, small and medium-sized enterprises, that channels local needs into software that such organizations use on a daily basis; 
  4. . Positioning Institutes of Higher Learnings as valued and influential members of the worldwide open source community; 
  5. . Empowering individuals, government agencies, local businesses and other organizations towards technological self-determination.


sounds like this could be a good project. but it does ring of ‘strategic’ move more than ‘universally beneficial’ move.