This little-known tool has a cult following. It transforms any old wire into the tightest clamp you can imagine. Unlike a hose clamp there is no limit to the diameter you can tie together. You can bundle bamboo into scaffolding, or twigs into fencing, make brooms from twigs, repair handles, and tie stuff down incredibly secure. Works great as temporary clamping for odd-sided things. Ranchers and farmers rely on cheap baling wire to band anything that doesn’t want to move. Fishermen and sailors substitute stainless steel wire to make clamps for pumps and sumps. Also perfect for drip irrigation projects. I’ve found it takes a bit of skill to tie a clamp neatly, but it ends up far tighter than a hose clamp.
— KK
ClamTite Clamp Maker
Available from
Stainless steel versions (good for boaters)
Available from Clamptool
(This site also has the best step-by-step instructions on making the clamps.)


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