Tue, 27 Apr 2004 15:51:09 GMT

Academic Calvinism.

Eugene Volokh points to a very good Chronicle article on Invisible Adjunct’s decision to call it a day. The piece does an excellent job in capturing why her site was important. Adjunct faculty often find themselve systematically excluded from the collegial supports that allow tenured and tenure track faculty to chat, compare situations, and figure out common problems. It’s hard to engage in corridor talk when you’re a non-person. Invisible Adjunct’s site created a very real space for conversation.

[Crooked Timber]


i still think that it is fundamentally wrong to think of academic jobs as a market, it is closer to a braudelian anti-market or a cartel than a market. maybe on a very very large scale it seems to operate as a market, but at local and personal levels of interaction, it most certainly does not.