Sun, 07 Mar 2004 00:07:19 GMT

“Have you no shame?”

Sept. 11 families disgusted by Bush campaign ads

Families who lost relatives in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks voiced outrage on Thursday at President Bush's first ads of his re-election campaign that use images of the devastated World Trade Center to portray him as the right leader for tumultuous times.

Families are enraged,” said Bill Doyle, 57, of New York, who is active in several Sept. 11 family groups. “What I think is distasteful is that the president is trying to use 9/11 as a springboard for his re-election.”

“It's entirely wrong. He's had 3,500 deaths on his watch, including Iraq, ” said Doyle, whose 25-year-old son Joseph died at the trade center.

[Politics in the Zeros]


he has no sense of propriety at all. he didn't resolve the issue and he can't resolve it. he can't lead, he doesn't work, and doesn't know. this has been the cheney/rumsfeld presidency, and they are not interested in doing the right thing either.