Fri, 05 Mar 2004 16:54:24 GMT

Philosophers protest Bush's Dismissal of Bioethicists from Presidential Council. Philosophers Arthur Caplan (University of Pennsylvania) and Gerald Dworkin (University of California, Davis) have prepared a letter, signed by some 200 philosophers and bioethicists, protesting the latest political meddling with science and policy by the Bush Administration:

In the absence of any public reasons explaining your action, we write to strongly protest your decision not to reappoint Professors William F. May and Elizabeth Blackburn to your Council on Bioethics. The creation of sound public policy with respect to developments in medicine and the life sciences requires a council that has a diverse set of views and positions. By dismissing those two individuals and appointing new members whose views are likely to closely reflect those of the majority of the council and its chair the credibility of the council is severely compromised. On controversial ethical issues your Council must consist of members with a wide range of opinions in order to provide wise, prudent and effective advice on the many challenges and opportunities presented by advances in biomedicine.

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You can read the Caplan, Dworkin, et al. letter to PResident Bush (.DOC format, sorry). [A blog doesn't need a clever name]


It wouldn't be so bad, but all they did was appoint more problematic people in an attempt to remove morality and insert religion into science. it is a bad move for everyone.