Wed, 25 Feb 2004 12:09:56 GMT

Top 10 Rules of Debugging. In the comments to a Very Serious discussion of debugging at Slashdot, appear the Top 10 Rules of Debugging: 10. Code is always Beta. It’s never done until it’s no longer in use or support no longer exists. 9. The better the SDK, the more sophisticated the bugs. 8. There’s always more bugs in the other guy’s (girl’s) code. 7. Declaring code bug-free is asking for it to fail at the worst possible time with the greatest visibility. 6. A good design is as likely to have bugs as a bad one. Bugs are equal opportunity. 5. Debugging time is inversely proportional to coding time. 4. If it works the first time, there’s a bug, but you won’t find it until you roll it out. 3. Debugging is fun. Really! It’s when you run out of bugs that you should wonder if you got them all, that’s not fun. 2. The most difficult bugs to find are in the most straightforward looking code. 1. That’s not a bug, that’s a feature…. []


everything is beta, unless it is alpha, nothing is really gold except gold and then you shouldn't drop it on your foot.