Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:34:41 GMT

Bon Anniversaire Tintin!. Tintin 75

My first Tintin album, The Blue Lotus, was given to me for my 6 year birthday. It was one of the darker and more exotic albums, a story where our hero fights international drug smugglers set in 1931 Shanghai under a difficult political situation (the unpleasant presence of the International Settlement and the forthcoming Japanese invasion), and a social climate where discrimination, abuse and violence were the order of the day — a totally unfit read for a little boy! Although I wasn't able to understand much of this yet, of course, the world of Tintin captured my imagination like few other things have. Ever. Den bl&aring Lotus remains one of my favorite albums along with Flight 714, The Calculus Affair, The Castafiore Emmerald, Land of Black Gold and Destination Moon. Happy 75!

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