Tue, 11 Nov 2003 20:47:59 GMT

Why I Love Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the deliciousness that is Tofurky!


Tina thinks i will be spoiling my Thanksgiving treat by eating Tofurky tomorrow. I beg to differ. Tofurky is a treat everyday! Especially since it comes with gravy, dumplings, stuffing, and wishstix. It's like a dream come true. Tomorrow, we feast on the Tofurky. Then for the next three days, we feast on Tofurky sandwiches and leftovers! Even better, the Chai Nog hit the shelves this week.

I'm in vegan heaven.

Tina would like me to point out that most of the time she cooks fabulous gourmet vegan feasts but that i tend to only blog about the Tofurkys and Tator Tot Casseroles. She's right. Why just the other day we had fake meat festival where i have a Yves Chik'N Patty with Tofutti mozzarella fake cheese, fakin' bacon, and pineapple on it. And again tonight!

I live like a king!

Two things:

1. For those of you who are all inspired and have come down with Tofurky fever (it's contagious!) from this post, be warned. You need to thaw the Tofurky for 24 hours before you can cook it.

2. I think i'm sleeping on the couch tonight. [Eat Your Vegetables]