Fri, 07 Nov 2003 20:53:51 GMT

Very few things make me really happy, but my research center is one of them. Today I found the materials that the center for digital discourse and culture hosts is cited the world book encyclopedia online, previously i had known it was used in the britannica online, but another encyclopedia is always good. It is also found in Introduction to International Relations by Oxford University Press. It has also been used in reports to the U.N. and many other places. too many to list, but still it amazes me how many people use these materials worldwide. so you ask what are we talking about we are talking about around 270gb plus or minus of materials on any given day, but covering such a broad range of material, from theory, to governance, to art, to history, to literature and more, just alot of archived material that seems to be important to people. Have to thank Tim and Len for being the directors, and Deans that have supported it also.