so far its been great (IR 4.0)

well so far the conference has been excellent, I've given my ethics presentation, which was well accepted, we had alot of interesting people at the ethics workshop including some interesting thoughts on some of the implications of the canadian research experience.

I gave my presentation internet environment as work environment. My co-panellists were Gina Neff and Anabel Quan-Haase, both presented interesting papers. Gina's was on her work on social networks and the spaciality of the nyc it boom and its implications. Anabel presented a paper on IM use in a corporation where she used ethnographic methods and interface analysis of IM's to shows the relative modes of conversation are contrary to our assumptions of, people who work closer tend to use im more, but that is somewhat influenced by the networks and strengths of their relationship

I then went to the first gaming sessions, on mmorgs. It was very interesting, and there is much work to explore in that area. Of course, i was waylaid for a minute and missed some of Jennifer's presentation, but I found her work on norm construction in sims online and the way those norms are enacted in that realm to be a significant push forward into research that I usually work on. I'm less interested in the performative actions available, but the textuality of actions and its implications.

Now i am in Lucy Suchman's Keynote which deals with Ethnographic practices.