Thu, 02 Oct 2003 15:25:13 GMT

The curriculum vs. the personal learning network. George Siemens on learning communities and learning networks:

Courses work in an environment when knowledge/information is fairly static and
developing slowly. The more rapidly information develops, the more quickly
courses cease to serve the needs of learners. The information is outdated before
the ink is dry.

[…] learning communities allow us to become knowledgeable in a specific area of
interest…much like courses teach one specific subject matter.

Most of us belong to more than one learning community. These multiple
communities form a personal learning network. If a learning community
equates somewhat with a course, then our learning network is equivalent to a
degree program.

Yes! Definitely. Precisely. Spot on. As the evolution of the different
fields of knowledge speeds up, each crosses a threshold point where it
makes more sense for most learners to give up on courses and embrace
learning networks. In IT this is already happening.
[Seb's Open Research]