Wed, 24 Sep 2003 16:53:12 GMT

NLII – Educause Learning Ecosystems. Quote: “The NLII has argued that institutions of higher education operate within a sociotechnological context, and, as communication and knowledge technologies change, that context changes. Sometimes the implications are not straightforward. For example, because of new developments in technology, students can have more direct access to information without having to go through an intermediary. If we can immerse ourselves in a sea of information that used to be available only to specialists and experts (e.g., faculty), what role do those specialists and experts (and by extension, the institutions that sponsor them) play in learning?” [Serious Instructional Technology]


this is a great find. its a good analysis of the way this learning ecosystem works and some of its implications, worth the read. i particularly like the role of the academy in knowledge ecologies section, because to some extent it is the academy that does the norm-setting in this arena.