Mon, 15 Sep 2003 15:31:58 GMT

“Academic Freedom Bill of Rights”. The fury of the ex-smoker towards smokers is matched only by the fury of the ex-New Leftist towards anyone to… [The Leiter Reports: Editorials, News, Updates]


well, this Academic Freedom Bill of Rights looks a lot like a removal of rights of academic freedom, sure it seems fine and good on the outside but really it is more of an excision of judgement and knowledge from those that should be allowed to put forth that knowledge and judgement. The point of education is for students to learn, and if all they are learning is their media/state-sponsored opinions which is certainly what they seem to want to learn instead of having those beliefs challenged and contested by others with different beliefs, then it seems that the the academic rights that this establishes is not the right to freedom but the right to oppression.