Call for Papers: International Research Meeting Online-Religions and

On 13.-15. Octobre 2004 the project C2 Between Online-Religion and
Religion-Online: constellations of the transfer of rituals in the medium
internet of the collaborative research centre Dynamics of Rituals at the
University of Heidelberg ( arranges the
international research meeting Online-Religions and Rituals-Online?

The research meeting will deal with the topic of religion on the internet
with special regards on the ritual discourse on the internet from the
electronic publication of traditional ritual scripts to presentations of
innovative design of rituals. Several aspects of the dynamic change of
rituals by the use of the internet will be discussed.

The research meeting is dedicated to the exchange and discussion of
methodological questions of the analysis of religious websites. Hence,
methodological contributions as well as reports from current research,
which deal with the topic of religion on the internet, are highly appreciated.

The conference will take place at the university of Heidelberg (Germany).
The conference language is English. We do not plan to take a conference fee.

Propositions for contributions are requested to be send to Oliver Krueger
( till 12. Octobre 2003.