Wed, 06 Aug 2003 16:50:44 GMT

Battles over Web Services Messaging.

CNET has an article on the battles over web services messaging: Standards stupidities and tech's future: “Microsoft is pushing something that it calls WS-ReliableMessaging, which was co-developed with IBM, BEA Systems and Tibco. Meanwhile, a competing specification called Web Services Reliable Messaging is being backed by Sun, Oracle, Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC and Sonic Software.”  The latter is being tuned up by the OASIS consortium.

The article also mentions the long-running battle over RSS standards and and the recent news that the Harvard Berkman Center has taken over ownership of the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) 2.0 specification this week after UserLand, a company owned by RSS 2.0 author David Winer, transferred the copyright to the center. The SPU newslog is based on Radio Userland's Radio Community Server and distributes its feeds using its RSS 2.0 channels.

[ITU Strategy and Policy Unit Newslog]

It is interesting that now the corporate powerhouses have entered into the fray, things will probabably change significantly. I personally prefer whatever i hack together out of whatever standards are out there, but generally use rss…