Sat, 26 Jul 2003 17:38:26 GMT

FOAF-a-matic — Describe yourself in RDF.

I'll admit to not having paid a lot of attention to the 'Friend of a Friend' format to date, but a couple of things I've read recently made me pay a little more attention to this XML-based personal profile that can help connect you to others through the people you know.

Today I stumbled on this – a simple yet useful javascript-based form that helps create an initial FOAF RDF file to get you started.  Very handy! In theory, and in practice, XML was meant to be 'human readable' and fairly straightforward to create. But little applications like this are so helpful – once you've structured data you already understand, expanding it by hand becomes much more straightforward. – SWL

– via [Channel 'social_software'] and [WebDawn]


soon i will do this, i can see how it could be useful to some folk, and it is certainly one way of extending your network.