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A Solution to the Adjunct Problem?. The Adjunct Problem has rather a nineteenth-century ring to it (think, for example, of the Woman Question). The management at D-squared Digest have drawn inspiration from the nineteenth-century practice of buying and selling military commission and clerical livings to propose… [Invisible Adjunct]

this is not a solution to the problem, but the creation of a problem. the solution to the problem is a. public awareness b. political awareness c. unity. because c. will never happen, the problem won't go away. you will always find someone that can teach a course, be it adjunct or graduate students.

the argument has to be made that the current situation of falling budgets, removed tenure lines, etc. is untenable, but why? at what point do the liberal arts provide for something that the market demands? are you sure that the market demands well rounded, educated people? or even critical thinkers? what does it seem to absorb? look at the middle tier doctoral comprehensive schools, they seem to be making more and more professional programs such as technical writing, design, etc. programs that have professional certifications available, which in theory represent 'marketable skills' hmmmm…

I'm not sure where i read this, but it certainly isn't my idea. education is become class oriented. there will be schools that serve those classes, and this means that for many of the people in the u.s., those people that are attempting to become nouveau riche, or are capital oriented, which is the bulk of the population, education will be replaced with training for their capacity. for those that are not seeking wealth because they already have it or just don't seek it, they will have the educational liberal arts to choose at some level. but if you look around, you can see that when states start referring to universities as producing labor pools and providing for the creation of certain capacities in that pool, that those in that labor pool by necessity are being treated differently than those that are not….

this deserves more work, but i need another cup of tea