wwdc keynote

so they are showing this at the university, channel 6, so i'm watching it down the hall from my office.

airport extreme
804.11g standard ratified
compliance with spec
3rd generation ipod
(i have the first)
shipping 1 millionth ipod
itunes 4
music store
8 weeks ago today
5million songs sold
safari 1.0 beta be gone
releasing safari sdk
updates over
os 10
6000 native apps
jaguars over
previewing panther 10.3
100 new features
the most popular unix
x11 bundled
fast ufs
linux api
nfs file locking
–winders interoperability–
newest smb
smb printing
smb home directories
ipsec based vpn
active directory integration
–new finder–
old was computer centric
everything you need in one column
everything right there
drag and drop modification to column
action button gives contextual commands
dynamic network browsing
new open and save panels
shrinking, etc.
eject dvd's
looks like preindexed searching, it looks fast
panther automatically sync files in both directions
distributed syncs
good for unteathered portables
autosyncing — i think it could be exploited for viruses
wow, it iconifies all open apps an
you can assign a key to do it
or a second button
or assign a screen corner, —- wonder if that is contextual
it will clear all windows by button
nifty toy
instantly see all windows
instantly see one apps window
instantly see your desktop
file vault
secures yoru entire home folder
encrypts and decrypts on the fly
once you log out stuff is safe
alot faster
html rendering <--security? addresses are now objects view mail by threads ---- ipsec-vpn built in to server ---- built in fax ---- pixlet breakthrough quicktime codec studio-grade quality pixar wanted it pixar wavelet film resolution high definition 48 bits per pixel/ source data no noticeable visual artifacts no inter-frame compression hd/2 you can play it on an 1gh tibook you can edit and scrub... ---- preview fastest pdf reader in the world pdf is at the core for osx searching is fast ---- pdf on the fly postscript to pdf ---- fast user switching password or not rotates it through, nifty i'd set up multiple users to have multiple windows open ---- fontbook pro font management instant searching categorization ---- ichat to ichat AV adds audio chats and video chate video conferencing for the rest of us video chat from the buddy list no phone numbers or ip address presence any firewire camera camcorders 56 modem for audio chat broadband for video conferencing talking to paris live on ichat av free beta today times out dec 31 ---- isight full motion video 1 single firewire camera position and presence $149 ---- xcode new set of developer tools speed fast compiles gcc 3.3 distributed builds--nifty make changes to apps as they are running fast code navigation compile on the fly...... fix and continue... included in panther. ---- premature specification it was a mistake and its true delivering today the worlds fasted personal computer. chip, system, product the chip the g5 64 bit runs 32 bit apps natively up to 2 ghz 1ghz frontside buss full smp dual processor systems 215 in flight instructions 2 floating point units 2 integer units 2 load and store units branch prediction logic system point to point architecture dedicated bandwidth 8gbps of bandwiddth 12x the bandwidth of g4 6.4gb/s memory bandwidth agp 8x pro graphics 133mhz pici-x hypertransport storage serial ata independent interface to each drive digital audio in and out product up to 8gb mem 40x faster contents of dvd in less than a second 4x superdrive radeon 9600 pro enclosure is aluminum big, big fans 9 fans for 4 different areas 35dba at room temperature kept the handles comparable dell is 4000 shipping in august photoshop is 2.1 x as fast solving a system of linear equations with 1 million unknowns mathematica about 2x as fast. 198m vs 78m emusic more than 1000 voices