Mon, 09 Jun 2003 20:26:35 GMT

Intellectually turned on. Few things in life give me greater joy than witnessing (if only from afar) another's intellectual excitement and imagination.Matt Webb is currently reading D&G's A Thousand Plateaus and taking good notes.I'm on a journey to the centre of my world . [Purse Lip Square Jaw]

deleuze and guattari, great material, one of my favorites also, though my notes are indecipherable to others because they tend to be highly referential to other works. I'm not as much of a fan of 1000 plateaus as I am of the combined books and guattari's own work. In Genosko's book on Guattari, there is an interesting bit on transdisciplinarity that is very similar to the disciplinary heretics bit found on purselipsquarejaw. Guattari is much more the social/organizational side of the d&g construct, which plays well against the deleuzian ontological philosophy of actuality and virtuality, though in recent book Delanda disputes Badiou's take on multiplicity, but that's a whole different set of topics, but ramble ramble. Guattari's work alone should be investigated if you really like 1000 plateaus, it is worth the effort. I suggest getting Genosko's book Guattari: An Abberant Introduction, i reviewed it on amazon.. beyond that, nab Chaosmosis, Chaosophy and Soft Subversions. And lets not forget that nearly the whole archive of the journal Chimeras is available online too! nifty..