Sat, 17 May 2003 19:54:49 GMT

MS $180M 'Crush-Linux' fund: Good NYT piece by Thomas Fuller this A.M. about the kinder, gentler Microsoft that has emerged since its deal with the Bush Administration.

MS set up a $180 million fund to enable salesmen to offer MS server products and services to governments at steep discounts or free (“Under NO circumstances lose against Linux”) according to an email obtained by Fuller.

The story goes on to describe MS employees attending Linuxworld, posing as independent consultants and OEMs. One described Linuxworld as “an even mix of local Union Hall teamster gathering, Christian Scientist revival and Amway sales conference.” Steve Ballmer is quoted, calling Linux “a cancer”. Good to see they really got the message up in Redmond, especially about predatory pricing… meanwhile Linux has 26% of the server market, according to IDG, against MS' 44%, and is growing… [ – words and pictures from Silicon Valley]

i would think that this would be an anti-competitive strategy.