Wed, 16 Apr 2003 17:38:20 GMT

Rocket Roadmap Project.

Rocket Roadmap Project (large EC funded project): full title doesn't say it well, description too, but I see focus on KM/e-learning connections :)

[Objectives] Rocket will prepare a strategic roadmap for future developments in organisational learning relevant to the education of engineers and knowledge workers.

[…]How to link knowledge management (KM) at the level of an organisation, with KM and E-Learning at the level of people working within an organisation or moving between organisations, so that knowledge that is new to someone can be captured and shared more readily and so that people can cope better with changes in their working life and their environment (including new colleagues, ever-changing tasks and processes, certification requirements, etc.)

I guess this site it something to mine if you don't know where to start looking for general overviews of KM/e-learning issues (state-of-the-arts, user requirements – see deliverables).


this looks like it could grow into something interesting. there was a group in florida working on this red….something…. still making much monies on certification and updates of engineers