Sun, 09 Feb 2003 20:51:32 GMT

Watch What You Say.

If language isn't just the expression of thought, but the raw symbols with which we perform cognitive operations, then we have to allow that freedom of speech is a fundamental prerequisite to our freedom to hold and exchange ideas. No matter what brilliant scheme you've conjured up to save the world from itself, it'll die along with you if you aren't allowed to share it.

Watch What You Don't Say

Never thought I'd see this headline: Schools risk funding if they bar prayers.

It's exactly what you'd expect. The Bush administration is Gung-Ho on the idea of students praying in school because…well, we're not sure why.

Schools that don't allow students to pray outside the classroom or teachers to hold religious meetings among themselves could face the loss of federal money, the Education Department said Friday.

This is the first time that schools actually have to prove compliance with Federal guidelines permitting student-initiated religious activity in state-funded schools. Here's one of the geniuses responsible:

“Public schools should not be hostile to the religious rights of their students and their families,” Education Secretary Rod Paige said. “At the same time, school officials may not compel students to participate in prayer or other activities.”

No, the officials can't compel participation. Subtle peer pressure, on the other hand, will work wonders.

[The Raven]

gack, this has to stop, separate church and state. no! no prayers in schools unless done on the students own time, not the educational time.