Sat, 08 Feb 2003 17:07:44 GMT

Terry Jones: I'm losing patience with my neighbours, Mr Bush. Terry Jones writes in the Observer that he's “going to give the whole street two weeks – no, 10 days – to come out in the open and hand over all aliens and interplanetary hijackers, galactic outlaws and interstellar terrorist masterminds, and if they don't hand them over nicely and say 'Thank you', I'm going to bomb the entire street to kingdom come.” I'm really excited by George Bush's latest reason for bombing Iraq: he's running out of patience. And so am I! For some time now I've been really pissed off with Mr Johnson, who lives a couple of doors down the street. Well, him and Mr Patel, who runs the health food shop. They both give me queer looks, and I'm sure Mr… [Monkey X – Hairy Thoughts]

Now if we could just get the people on the 1000-2000 block of pennsylvania avenue to take the same sort of approach to their neighbors…. well, one of them already has, look at that….