Thu, 06 Feb 2003 16:29:11 GMT

BTW, totally by coincidence, my old friend Adam Green, the dBASE guru, and CTO at Andover, retired rich from the software industry, is now taking classes at Harvard to learn how be scholarly about the history of science. His aim is to be the first software historian. Adam is uniquely qualified to do that. He was doing his work, reading the ancient scientists, on his own, when people asked what he's doing, he'd tell them and they would look at him weirdly. Now he says he's studying the same stuff at Harvard and people's eyes bug out. I've noticed the same thing. Synchronicity. [Scripting News]

Good luck on being the first, there is already a Journal of Software History, heck I've even given presentations on software history with an STS slant to them. There is also Video Game History, and several other variations. Not to be irritated, but why does everyone think they will be the 'first x' everything has been done before, the biography of Ada Lovelace is Software History.