Mon, 03 Feb 2003 18:56:08 GMT

TPRC Presents
The 31st Research Conference on
Communication, Information and Internet Policy
Hosted by the Center for Technology and Law
George Mason University Law School
Arlington, Virginia
Friday, September 19 to
Sunday, September 21, 2003
TPRC presents this annual forum for dialog among
scholars and decision-makers from the public and
private sectors engaged in communication and
information policy. The purpose of the conference is
to acquaint policymakers with the best recent research
and to familiarize researchers with the knowledge
needs of policymakers and industry.

The TPRC program is developed primarily from submitted
papers. The Program Committee will also be
considering tutorials, special panels, and guest
speakers. Suggestions for the latter can be emailed
directly to the Program Committee.

TPRC is now soliciting abstracts of papers for
presentation at its 2003 conference. Proposals should
be based on current theoretical and/or empirical
research relevant to communication and information
policy, and may be from any disciplinary perspective.
TPRC welcomes national, international, comparative,
and multi- or inter- disciplinary studies. Subject
areas of particular interest include but are not
limited to:

” Auctions
” Broadband
” Community Networks and Technology
” Comparative History
” Competition
” Convergence
” Digital Divide
” Economic Growth and Development, Local Economy
” Education Policy and Technology
” Federal Funding: Universal Service, Erate, TOP, CTC
” Identity and Authentication
” Intellectual Property
” Intercarrier compensation and Interconnection
” Internet Governance
” IPv6, Migration and Govt Policy
” ISPs and Internet Backbones
” Mass Media
” Mergers and Consolidation
” Online health care & policy implications
” Privacy
” Public Rights of Way
” Public Safety Policy
” Regulation of Online Activities
” Security
” Spectrum Policy
” Standards, Regulations, and Policy
” State and local policy initiatives
” Unbundling
” User Studies
” VoIP

An elaboration for each topic is available at Abstracts should contain a clear
statement of the central ideas and outcomes of the
research, in addition to a description of the topic
being addressed. All abstracts must be submitted via
the submission form at and should
include contact information, a no-larger-than 500 word
abstract, and a brief CV.

Submissions are due by March 31, 2003. No submission
will be accepted after this date. Acceptance notices
will be emailed in early May. Primary authors may
have only one paper accepted. Contributors may act as
secondary authors of multiple papers, including
professors supporting the work of students. Primary
authors are expected to present the paper. Although
primary authors will only have one paper accepted,
they may submit multiple abstracts for consideration.
The availability of funding to reimburse presenters
expenses is expected to be limited.

Selected papers will be due to TPRC in late August.
TPRC will provide online access to all conference
papers. Inquiries and suggestions may be made to
members of the Program Committee at