Fri, 24 Jan 2003 18:15:58 GMT

Distributed KM.

Italian research project: enabling distributed and autonomous management of knowledge

The aim of this project is to develop research in information technology and software tools that support the Distributed and Autonomous Management of Knowledge. The goal will be achieved by:

  • structuring knowledge in different “contexts”, that allow each different organization component to create, use and update autonomously its view on data encoding knowledge;
  • providing a set of techniques allowing for the interoperability and the interaction among different contexts;
  • implementing the techniques on an experimental platform supporting distributed and autonomous knowledge management;
  • experimentally evaluating with significant business cases the techniques for creating, codifying and exchanging knowledge.

While it may sound too traditional or technical, the ideas behind are really in-line blogging as an emerging network of independent knowledge nodes. Check this site for project publications, related works and PhD positions (e.g. social models for distributed networks  :)

I'm reading a couple of papers from there, so more will follow.


now if my tinderbox was just distributed….. mmm that would be nifty