Wed, 15 Jan 2003 16:56:21 GMT

Work-Learning Research on e-learning and spiral curriculum.

What's elearning good for? [elearnspace blog] points to Elearning's Unique Capability:”cit”Article details four learning effects (spacing, delayed feedback, relearning, and reducing the retention interval)…and asserts the characteristics of elearning uniquely meets those effects. Particularly valuable statement: eleanring as means to extend the learning timeline through us of “pre” and “post” learning event activities…as well as the learning event itself. Simple concept, but like the author states, not really being explored.”citc”

Next to the fact that this article is worth reading, its author, Will Thalheimer from Work-Learning Research is the one who pointed me to matemagenic processing. I have to thank him for the name for my blog.

Back to the article. Will argues that four learning effects are best supported with spiral curiculum and doubts that learning objects and LMS will support it well:”cit”The learning-object concept seems to push the field backward toward isolated non-spaced bits of information. Learning objects could be designed to produce spaced e-learning, but their basic framework will make this difficult.

[…]Learning Management Systems apply the same constrains as learning objects. They push us toward a model of learning as a series of isolated topics, glued together through a system that manages incidents, not spaced flows of information and reinforcement. “citc”

I feel like thinking more about this article, but now I'm too sleepy 🙂


interesting stuff really, the relationship between work and learning is often underplayed in society