Sat, 11 Jan 2003 18:08:06 GMT

McLuhan Course of Course Blogs. I heard from Mark Federman of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology. He teaches a graduate course in “Mind, Media and Society” at the University of Toronto, my alma mater. He writes: “Essentially the course teaches people to think like Marshall McLuhan did… you know… come up with cute aphorisms, predict the future, that sort of stuff…” The course has a blog jam-packed with ideas. Here's part of an entry: We began the “Applied McLuhanistics” course last evening. If the nature of the discussion at the first class is any indication, this will be a lively and most interesting… [Joho the Blog]

having just been reading 'mechanical bride and having read just about everything else bookwise in relation to mcluhan a few years ago, i think that this is fairly interesting.