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retroCRUSH: The World's Greatest Pop Culture Place

retroCRUSH: The World’s Greatest Pop Culture Place —— this looks like it will be a classic comic.

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Internet Vets for Truth launch election-week download blowout

Internet Vets for Truth launch election-week download blowout:Xeni Jardin: An anonymous tipster points us to the launch of an election-related download project organized by a group called “Internet Veterans for Truth.” If you’re familiar with P2P-politics, you get the basic idea — though the projects are not related, and don’t follow the same content-gathering process. […]

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The Economist: John Kerry for President

The Economist: John Kerry for President: As rumored, the Economist endorses Kerry, albeit with some reluctance. Indeed, the endorsement is more an indictment of Bush. It sums up: “After three necessarily tumultuous and transformative years, this is a time for consolidation, for discipline and for repairing America’s moral and practical authority. Furthermore, as Mr Bush […]

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Sun, 21 Mar 2004 22:23:03 GMT

politics gone awry. A year ago, i broke my hatred for protesting and took to the streets to publicly state my disagreement with my government. My support for their decisions has not grown. I still don't understand what we're doing in Iraq and i'm tired of the propaganda. But, unlike last year, i didn't go […]

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